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evolution of hair

the way ones hair starts at the beginning of the day…. the middle of the day…. and then end of the day.

Friday post

having 2 tumblrs is hard to keep track of… my posts by default post to my original blog. here is my friday post of the first sight of green outside the house. SPRING IS APPROACHING

thursday art

making viscomm interview posters. sarcasm intended.

love me some clipping masks

love me some clipping masks

I love book drawing!

I love book drawing!

practice is much needed in aftereffects so i made this e-card for mom and dad!

gotta get down on friday!

working on the layout for presidents trophy. black boxes are fillers! some of it is filler text!


Farmers Market Icons Version 2

The pear and the kiwi integrated well but the banana looked like it was designed by a different designer. I decided to omit the bunch of bananas and focus on a single, peeled banana. Now, all three icons show the inside or cross-section of the fruit. I took advantage of using multiple shades of grey to create distinction and dimension in each of the compositions.


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