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Project 1: Statement of Intent

Statement of Exploratory Reasoning

Content: To play off of the idea that one believes everything they read. In today’s generation, we are flooded with “truths” in conversations as well as media outlets. The audience will perceive 2 different opinions in a single poster. It is up to the viewer to decide which of the opinions will be the truth they believe. Each poster will have a different subject, pertaining to healthy eating, with contrasting views. Both facts will be bold in persuading that their side is right. The first poster will be a case for vegetarian against anti-vegetarian. The second about a whole grains diet vs anti-grains period. Lastly, a poster about the opposing views on dairy products. My motive in this poster series is to show that there are two sides to everything you see and read. Everything about healthy eating is an opinion. I want to expose the audience to both sides so that the viewer can make their own decision on which they regard to as the truth. 

Resource Material: ”For if even with regard to this law, I should have nothing but an opinion, all would become a mere play of the imagination, without the least relation to truth” by Immanuel Kant.  Opinions have no relation to the truth, it’s just what your imagination perceives. ”Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear” by Edgar Allen Poe. The things we see can be misleading, especially if there is no proof.

Visual Plan: 3 Posters (11x17) High contrast colors, bold text to highlight contrasting ideas

Challenges: Conveying both truths in an equal manner. Having the audience walk away with an understanding of both truths. 

added stars and stripes to my jean shorts

added stars and stripes to my jean shorts


Mom wanted another cheer tshirt design for her high school team… as always.  Back is on top.. bottom is the front. The gold circles are the mascot head which I didnt want to take the time and redraw. 


working with clipping masks and vintage photos


Request to make this cake pink from the previous blue/green. Trying to get better at my photoshop skills which I am definitely lacking

Monday Madness

A pretty sign to hang on the door of our costume closet.. no comic sans allowed!!


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